College of Autodidactism



The College of Autodidactism is a platform for people who desire to learn the heck out of themselves and the world and people around them – beyond the walls of educational institutions.

We’ve gathered resources for picking up just about any skill there is to learn; created courses for developing a foundation for life-long learning; and offer coaching/chatting services for those who’d appreciate a friend on what often turns out to be a solitary journey.

As for the rest…take a look around.


Short answer: Because single-track formal education is not enough. Nor has it ever been.

Autodidact: n. a person who has learned a subject without the benefit of a teacher or formal education; a self-taught person.

We’d admit it: Self-learning is not for everyone. If you’re more the kind of person that thrives in a organized, pre-set system of education, kudos to you. But if this is you, welcome home. Hope you enjoy your stay here.


I’m Odelia. I happen to love thinking, feeling, and living my way through life. Check out my /now page to see what I’m up to. Sometimes I contribute to this blog and work on these projects.